Need a virtual DBA?

Many Advanced DataTools customers take advantage of our 24x7 remote “virtual” DBA support – we monitor their systems to anticipate and prevent problems, and help keep their systems online.

We offer several levels of support on all versions of Informix, running on various platforms and operating systems. We also offer legacy support for Informix Standard Engine, ISQL, I4GL, and Informix Online 5.

These smiling geeks you see here provide our remote support, which helps your business maximize its Informix database uptime while reducing overhead costs. Contact us to discuss your specific support needs.

We can help with:

  • Emergency/down systems
  • Trouble shooting
  • Vacation coverage
  • System maintenance
  • Short and/or long-term planning
  • Upgrades/migrations
  • Passive/Active system monitoring
  • Disaster recovery

We offer total Informix support:

  • High Availability Data Replication
  • Shared Disk Secondaries (clusters)
  • Enterprise Server Grids
  • Enterprise Data Replication
  • Performance and SQL tuning
  • Instance and operating system tuning
  • Application and schema design review
  • Connection Manager

One of our customers had over 6.5 years (2403 days) of non-stop 24x7 Informix Database uptime:

Supporting over 6.5 years of non-stop 24x7 Informix Database uptime