Informix Upgrade and Migration

Are you ready to upgrade to the latest version of Informix? Check out our Version 14 webcast on our findings and what's involved in installing and upgrading.

Upgrade/Migration Plan

Advanced DataTools has dedicated Informix database consultants who are experts in installing, configuring, and upgrading an Informix database server to a new version, migrating to new hardware, or both.

Each database environment is unique - there is no standard approach to a server version upgrade; it depends on your systems environment and your applications. We look at all aspects of your environment and develop a viable and appropriate upgrade or migration plan for your database server.

We recommend going through the necessary steps as a proof of concept in a controlled test environment. This approach minimizes or avoids unexpected problems during the final upgrade.

The Evaluation

An upgrade must be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Application compatibility - will all applications continue to work as required?
  2. Performance - will it improve significantly compared to the existing system?

It may also be necessary to upgrade existing application software to newer versions or to recompile the application software using newer Informix Software Development Kit versions.  However, we recommend that the proof of concept focus on the database server upgrade using existing application software.

If the application software requires upgrading, we recommend doing that as a separate project.  This allows your users to continue using existing application software with the upgraded database, and separates potential application software operational problems from the database upgrade.

The Process

There are multiple steps to any database server upgrade proof of concept. Depending on the specifics of your environment, some steps may not be required, and others may be optional.  In general, the steps are:

  1. Install the current Informix version software on the testbed environment.
  2. Archive or export the production data, or a significant and consistent subset of the production data.
  3. Restore or import the production data or data subset into a current version instance on the testbed server.
  4. Verify connectivity of applications to the testbed server.
  5. Perform baseline performance tests on the testbed server simulating production loads and query-mix.
  6. Install the new Informix version software on the testbed environment.
  7. Upgrade the server in-place, or import the production data/subset into a newly-created instance with an optimized table structure.
  8. Repeat the performance tests using the new server.
  9. Compare results.
  10. Tune the test instance, or modify the database schema to optimize performance.
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 as needed to achieve optimal performance.

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