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Our consulting solutions and services can provide you with the depth of database experience you need, when you need it.


Advanced DataTools is dedicated to providing database application solutions that are fast and reliable, and expanding database capabilities beyond simple data reporting. Our commitment ensures that you are successful at implementing a solution that meets the needs of users at all levels of your organization, on time and within budget. Our laser-like focus is on

  • rapidly delivering a high-performance solution that meets your needs
  • continuous improvement of the application to ensure that it grows with your organization's changing requirements, and
  • ensuring that your staff is able to assume responsibility for all operations of the system.

Fast Data Warehouses - We have developed a unique approach based on years of designing and implementing successful web-enabled data warehouses.

Informix Performance Tuning and Remote DBA Support - We build Fast Databases with Informix and can work with you to increase the performance of your Informix server and provide remote DBA support.

GeoEnabled Solutions - We have integrated the huge volumes of data in data warehouses with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software.

GPRA Solutions - We have developed award-winning integrated financial performance and reporting solutions for several federal government agencies on the forefront of improving government operations, and can assist your organization in successfully implementing many enhancements to your reporting systems.

Consulting Solutions - We are performance tuning experts, whether it is optimizing the design of any database, improving the throughput of your IBM Informix Database Server, or streamlining and enhancing your Hyperion Performance Suite (formally Brio Enterprise) environment. Services include:

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, and honored that the majority of our consulting projects and training engagements come from our customer references. We look forward to working with you and your staff!