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"Online mapping and GIS tools are changing the way people use the Internet for everything from finding a new house to calculating whether they live near a hazardous waste site."


GeoEnabled Solutions

After implementing a data warehouse, customers often begin to ask “How can I see on a map where are our customers are and where our revenue is coming from?” or “Can we display on a map what counties are receiving crop payments?”

In addition, business managers frequently want to compare data in the data warehouse with data in existing GIS solutions already in place, such as

  • comparing crop disaster payments with aerial photos of what a field looks like, or
  • comparing the source of recreation area revenue with other geographic features in the surrounding area using GIS photos or maps.

The most powerful data warehouse applications now include more than simply text and numbers - ESRI software enables your data to be displayed on a map on the web.

The map above displays data from a financial data warehouse, with various types of revenue appearing in different colors.

Advanced DataTools is an using ArcSDE and ArcIMS to geo-enable data in data warehouses. Integrating these tools allows you to take data from your data warehouse, plot it on a map, and display it on a website.

We have also integrated Brio Software with ArcIMS. This integration makes it possible, when working in a web-accessible Brio report containing text, charts, or pivots, to click on a button to generate an ArcIMS map of the data in a web browser. Conversely, it is also possible to click a linked location on an ArcIMS map which will start the Brio application and generate a report with information about that location.

For more information on how you can expand the capabilities of your data warehouse using ESRI software, please contact us.