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The foundation of a successful data warehouse is a working pilot - we can build one for your organization in just 8 weeks.


We Build FAST Data Warehouses

Build a rapid, tangible data warehouse pilot with your data

Before you commit signficant resources to a full project, our approach is to build a pilot with your data. Most pilots have been completed in less than 8 weeks, and result in users, managers, and project sponsors getting answers from their data, within seconds, for the first time ever. We use a unique and proven data warehouse development methodology that guarantees a quality product. (more...)

Build a blazingly-fast data warehouse

Our specialty and our passion is developing and tuning Informix databases to deliver top performance. Critical factors ensure that your data warehouse will have the fastest possible response times: a star schema using fact, dimension and summary tables (the practical, low-cost, and faster version of ‘cubes’); a high-performance IBM Informix database engine; award-winning reporting tools; and rapid disk I/O with data partitioned and carefully mapped for fast retrieval…available and online 24 hours a day. Perhaps most important is our wealth of experience and deep knowledge of data structures.

Build a comprehensive data warehouse solution designed to fit your needs

Rather than force fit your needs into a solution, we can provide a solution entirely designed around your requirements for a significant cost savings. We can provide software, hardware, development consulting, user and technical training, and support. Depending on your unique needs, we can scale the hardware, database, and software from small to very large to ensure the best performance for your expected user community and the amount of data. We do not deliver a ‘black box’ with features turned on or off, or move permanently into your offices. Instead we teach you how to use, update, scale, and maintain your new data warehouse. (more...)

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