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Our Company

At Advanced DataTools, our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals, and we are proud to be celebrating over 25 years of providing the best database design, consulting, and training services available.

The company was founded in 1993 by Lester Knutsen, who serves as President and Principal Consultant. In 1995, Advanced DataTools became a woman-owned business when Linda Knutsen joined the company as Chairman and CEO.

Why We are Database Performance Experts

After years of working with large-scale DoD databases, Advanced DataTools staff have a deep knowledge of the nature of data, database structures, and database security, and of how to store data in order to ensure rapid and flexible retrieval, manipulation, and reporting.

We combine this expertise with a constant eye on the computer industry to identify, test, and evaluate database tools and business-enhancing software, as well as hardware platforms and utilities in order to be able to consistently recommend the best suite of products to ensure the delivery of a high-performance solution.

In addition to delivering superior database and data warehouse applications, Advanced DataTools provides support for all aspects of an application's life cycle, from planning and development to performance tuning, maintenance, and training. Our “Performance Tune-Up” service can improve the speed and functionality of your existing database. Our customized, on-site training can give your staff the specific skills they need to better manage and tune your systems. We also offer public training in Hyperion Performance Suite (Brio), Informix, QIQ, and other database topics to further the professional development of the database community.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities and experience include, but are not limited to:

  • IBM Informix database performance tuning - "Performance Tune-Up and HealthCheck"
  • 24x7 Informix Databbase Support and database administration services
  • L3 Informix Databbase Support services
  • Building customized web-enabled data warehouses and OLTP applications
  • Development of high-volume financial reporting systems
  • Data modeling and system architecture design
  • Database design and development with relational database software
  • Built-in redundancy, transaction processing checkpoint and restart, and database recovery
  • Live tests and benchmarks using anticipated system workloads
  • Database engine upgrades and storage array migration
  • Development of geo-spatial database solutions

Referrals Are the Key to Our Business

We are pleased and honored that most of our consulting projects and training opportunities result from satisfied-customer referrals. We also take pride in how many database systems developed and tuned over the years are still in use as production systems, and in how many customers continue to use our training materials.