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We are dedicated to volunteerism, sponsorship, and the organizational support of our community.

Community Support

Advanced DataTools is an active participant in our community in many ways. We have a dedication to volunteerism, sponsorship, and organizational support, and our staff is encouraged to share in our efforts or those of their choosing. Please follow the links below to learn more about our favorite local organizations.

User Groups

As part of our dedication to fostering the Informix and Brio communities, Advanced DataTools is the proud sponsor of several major local and international user groups. We provide sponsorship and event support to help these groups continue their mission, and have several staff members active on their boards and in their membership. Go to our User Groups page.

Virginians Against Domestic Violence (VADV)

We are pleased to be supporting the work of VADV. Advanced DataTools completed the VAdata web-based application, and is now providing some pro bono support to re-engineer the system using new tools. VAdata is used by programs across the state of Virginia to collect domestic violence information from victims and families. This information is used to increase awareness, procure additional funding for victim and family services, and to report domestic violence statistics to the funding sources of the various programs. Go to the VADV website.

ALS Association

Advanced DataTools has been actively involved in the DC/MD/VA Chapter (formerly National Capital Area Chapter) of the ALSA since 2000, when Lester Knutsen's mother was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”. Since then we have been a major sponsor and have formed a company team each year in the annual Walk to D'Feet ALS since its debut in 2000. Go to the ALSA website.


Choralis was founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Gretchen Kuhrmann, and is already recognized across the Washington, DC area for its musical excellence by critics and audiences alike.

As one of the founding members, Linda Knutsen has encouraged an active involvement in Choralis programs. In addition to its outstanding local performances, Choralis also sponsors programs for aspiring vocal and choral high school musicians, and a chamber ensemble, Echos. We have two employees in the chorus, a former employee on the Board of Directors, and are a charter sponsor of Choralis, now in its fourth year. Go to the Choralis website.

Educational Outreach

As part of our commitment to our community, Advanced DataTools has trained and employed several young adults to help them prepare for their future careers. We believe that fostering the careers of these student-employees can help to make our future world a better place.